Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Bloginning

I have just moved to a new town. I like it. Right now I'm cruising along with my old friends from home on facebook and cell phones. Haven't really felt too detached. However, with Super Bowl parties quickly approaching and no invitation on the horizon, me thinkest I needest some closer friends. Kind people from home have offered me phone numbers of locals who are friends of a friend or relatives of a friend or some other strange connection. Maybe I should take them up on it, but frankly I'm not that desperate yet. I can't think of a more awkward conversation than "Hey you don't know me, but I have no friends here and somebody gave me your phone number and so will YOU be my friend?" Little weird, eh? Anyway, I've decided to blog my adventures as I meet new people, visit new churches, and discover all that this little town has to offer.

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